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IQRA - International Quality Resource Access

IQRA - International Quality Resource Access

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We are an Online platform providing International Quality Resource Access (IQRA) helping people to teach &/or learn affordably. IQRA also means to read in Arabic.

ONLINE IQRA is a one stop destination that eases e-learning & e-teaching of any subject of your interest, affordably. It’s a suitable platform for all age groups & all sectors of the society like middle class, or lower middle class, or high class where you can find certified Tutors from accredited universities from around the world willing to teach Learners of any age their favorite subjects/topics in a easily understandable language by the learner at prices affordable to all sectors including Free classes.

ONLINE IQRA allows Tutors & Learners from around the world to register and benefit from its resources. Here you can find online one-to-one classes, group classes & courses which could be free or paid based on the Tutor & his/her preferences. ONLINE IQRA is pre-integrated with Zoom to support features such as video chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, etc, which improves the interaction between tutor and learner during an online session.

For Learners, ONLINE IQRA is a online marketplace to find their favorite Tutors & Subjects they like to learn. Learners can also shortlist the Tutor based on the language they speak so that it becomes easy for communication. Its a large & ever-growing repository of Tutorials & Knowledge on various subjects. It’s a perfect place to learn based on your level of understanding. It doesn’t matter if you are a starter or an expert, you can still use this platform as you will find Tutors for all levels. You can take a FREE Trial Class with the teacher of your choice before you finalize to learn from them.

For Tutors, ONLINE IQRA is a place to be on. It gives exposure to Learners seeking for knowledge from around the world. Here you can deliver live one-to-one classes &/or group classes or you can publish courses which will stay on the platform forever. You are free to price your services, so it will be your choice to offer free or paid classes &/or courses. You can also set the maximum number of Learners in your Group classes.  

For seamless payment transactions, ONLINE IQRA is integrated with secure payment gateway like Stripe & also has an option for Bank transfer.

Irrespective whether you are a Tutor or a Learner, ONLINE IQRA is a place to be on for all age groups. It’s a complete solution with robust functionalities and essential features that guarantee high performance and competitive results. In addition to this, ONLINE IQRA is also available as PWA(Progressive Web App), so that you get a Faster, more reliable & more engaging version of our website on your mobile.


Our Core Values

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Words of Appreciation


Its not easy these days especially in the busy schedule to take out time to travel to a place to seek knowledge. Also we get limited options of Tutors in our surroundings who are certified & can teach us the best. With Online Iqra, it has become very easy to find the teacher we want or we can ask the teacher we trust to teach us on this platform. Most of all we save lot of time thats waisted in travelling from one place to another. Overall i am very happy with this platform.



                                                                          Mr. Raj Durai - Parent



Words of Appreciation


Online Iqra is one of the best solution for parents who donot want to send their children  outside to seek knowledge. Online Iqra has certified Male & Female Tutors who are the right choice for our kids education at home. Thank you Online Iqra.



                                                                           Gulsheer Ahmed - Parent



Words of Appreciation


I am a 40 year old man and i recently realized that i donot have even some of the basic knowledge of my religion which i am suppose to have, so that when i die i can be content with my life spent. I cant afford to hire a Tutor to give me a one on one class and on the other hand i feel shy to go to out to learn where kids are studying. I was told by a friend of mine about Online Iqra which offers classes for free online preventing me from any embarrassment in front of others. I am sure that there are many people like me who will get benefitted from Online Iqra. Great Job, Keep it up. My blessings with you all who made this happen. 





Our mission & Vision

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning affordable & easy. We help Learners & Tutors throughout the world to find & get connected with each other without any barriers.


our Inspiration & Vision

Our Inspiration & Vison


Knowledge is our inspiration & Spreading it is our vision. We do what we do, for a simple reason that Knowledge is Power. Our vision is to make knowledge easily accessible affordably to everyone, everywhere & whenever they need.


Our Goal

Our Goal



Our Goal by promoting knowledge is to make people competent & self reliable in this competitive world so that they don’t have to depend on someones mercy.

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Search through hundreds of best teachers


Search through hundreds of best teachers

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Book lessons with the best teacher for you


Book lessons with the best teacher for you

Go through the teacher's profile and book a lesson after making the payment.

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Log in to Start learning

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